Business Administration

Books and Videos

All of the SMC books, both in print and as e-books, are cataloged in Albert. You can use the search bix below to search by title, keywords, and more. 

If we don't have a title you are looking for, use the Link+ button to search our consortium. You can request any item available in Link+ and it will be delivered to campus in 2-3 business days, free of charge to you. 

Background information and reference sources

For definitions, explanations, and historical reviews of business topics, you have access to many scholarly encyclopedias and handbooks. The recommended resources to search are

All videos, in DVD and streaming, are cataloged in Albert. Use the search box for Albert to find videos by title, or search by keyword and change "View Entire Collection" drop down to limit to just videos. 


You can also browse the three online collections for just streaming films:

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