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Investment and Stock Market Information

To see bond data, you can search the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). They've partnered with Morningstar to offer this data. 

The Market Data Center is easier to browse and navigate, or you can skip directly to search via the Bond Screen tool.

For international government bonds, one good place to check is the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis which does a great job summarizing OECD data on this.

Another useful tool is data center via the Wall Street Journal.

To access this data, hover over the "Markets" tab on the homepage, and select "Market Data." 

The best single source for data on commodities pricing, currency exchange, and more, is the Wall Street Journal.

To access this data, hover over the "Markets" tab on the homepage, and select "Market Data." 

Morningstar Direct

The Library provides access to the Morningstar Direct data and analysis tool online: 

Please contact a librarian for log-in credentials.

Areas that are greyed out on the dashboard are not yet available via the Morningstar Direct Cloud platform and can only be used on the software in the library. Contact a librarian for assistance in these areas. 

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