Open Educational Resources (OERs) at Saint Mary's College

This guide is an introduction to Open Educational Resources and how to find, evaluate, use, and adapt OER materials to help reduce textbook costs.

Evaluating OER

Evaluating OER

OER Evaluation Tools

OER and Accessibility lists a multitude of resources on evaluating and finding OERs, specifically through MERLOT II.
BC Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit provides information on evaluating and creating open textbooks, including a checklist for accessibility. 
Accessibility Module outlines how to evaluate and create accessible video, images, course materials, and textbooks.
Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool analyzes websites to determine if they meet accessibility guidelines.
•Evaluation Rubrics, Checklist and Tools (from
Achieve's OER rubrics has developed eight OER rubrics as well as an evaluation tool to help users determine the degree of alignment of OER to the Common Core State Standards, and aspects of quality of OER. More OER Rubrics training materials can be found through their website.
[Summarized] Rubrics for Evaluating Open Education Resources Objects This 2-page rubric is a synthesis version of the eight (8) separate rubrics for the evaluation of OERs created by It is meant as a ready reference for quick evaluation of an OER.
Achieve Open Educational Resources Evaluation Tool Handbook This handbook will guide a user through the process of evaluating an online resources using Achieve OER Evaluation Tool, which is hosted on
iRubric: Evaluating OER rubric Questions to ask about the OER you are thinking of using. This rubric is developed by Sarah Morehouse with help from Mark McBride, Kathleen Stone, and Beth Burns is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
OER Evaluation Tool The Common Core Alignment and OER Evaluation Tool is found on all Resource Pages in OER Commons.
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