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How to request items: Step-by-Step

In August 2022, the Saint Mary's College Library transitioned to using a new resource sharing service, which allows you to request articles, books, and more from beyond the SMC Library. It is integrated directly within the Library Search.

Here's how to request items the SMC Library doesn't have, step-by-step:

  • Start in Library Search. Once you conduct a search, there will be an option to expand your search. Sign in to your account to see request options.

expand library search

  • If the item still does not appear in the results, click "Still didn't find what you need? Click here to send a request" above the results and fill out the request form.
  • If the item does appear in the list of results, click on the "Get it for me from other libraries" link.

get an item from another library

  • In the "Get it from other locations" tab, you will be able to request the physical copy or a digital chapter. For requests of physical items, small portions may be scanned & delivered electronically, or the full physical item will be sent to Saint Mary's College Library for you to borrow. Loan and delivery information are provided on the request screen, if the details are available.

request physical or electronic copies

In the screenshot above, sample loan and delivery details are provided ("Delivered in 7 days, keep for 122 days"). If you notice that the terms of use information is not supplied, you can still request the resource. Copyright restrictions do not allow scanning of large portions of physical books, so if you are requesting book portions, please be specific in your requests about the book chapter you want.

Then the folks in the Saint Mary's College Library will work on processing your request and let you know when it arrives! Electronic copies (book chapters, articles, etc) will be delivered by email, and physical copies will be held for you at the Service Desk for you to borrow.

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