Open Access at Saint Mary's College

A guide for Saint Mary's College faculty and administration on Open Access (OA), including definition of OA, OA publishing options, and ways in which the library can help.

Author Publishing Options

Know your rights as an author, whether you publish in an Open Access journal or a traditional journal.



SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) is an organization dedicated to open access research. SPARC has published an author rights addendum for authors who want to retain some control the copyright transfer agreements for individuals who publish in a traditional (non Open Access) journal.

The library has a Copyright and Fair Use guideline to further explain copyright issues and fair use terminology.

Predatory Journals

Predatory Journals are journals that take advantage of the Open Access model and online publishing to get authors to publish in their journals, which often lack editorial oversight or peer review. This video helps authors look for signs that a journal could be participating in predatory practices.

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