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New Library Systems Launched

In August 2022, we were happy to introduce the launch of the new Library Search that provides numerous benefits and expanded access to resources.

Why a new system:

Our previous online system for cataloging and check-out had been in place since the early 1990s when we transitioned from a physical card catalog to the online format. Our collection has since expanded to include resources such as ebooks, electronic journals, streaming media, and electronic articles and databases. The new system allows library staff to work with a diverse set of resources.

What we gain:

The new library system is also used by many peer institutions, and the CSU, UC, and California community college systems. It is tailored to academic collections and will increase access to other academic libraries and expand research capabilities.

Changes you'll see:

  • While the primary search box on the Library’s homepage continues to enable access to books, articles, videos, and more, the interface has changed.
  • Physical items owned by the SMC Library are now seamlessly integrated into search results with other electronic resources we have access to.
  • Rapido will be our new resource sharing platform, directly integrated into Library Search so you can request materials from the same interface you use to search. The Rapido system includes more academic resources (compared to Link+), including access to CSU and other academic collections.

Please contact your subject librarian or the Reference Desk at if you have any questions.

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