Educating Ourselves about Whiteness and Anti-Black Racism

Resources that have been personally helpful to us librarians in starting to critically examine whiteness and anti-Black racism and take action as anti-racists

A Note About These Resources

This is a work in progress. The resources on this guide have been helpful to us librarians—none of whom are Black—in starting to understand whiteness, white privilege, and anti-Black racism. This list is not meant to be comprehensive and almost certainly reflects blind spots, oversights, and resources with some flaws. If you have any questions or suggestions for other resources for this page, please contact us using the form on the left.

eBooks Online from SMC Library

book cover of How to Be an Anti-racist

Print Books in SMC Library

book cover of Political Roots of Racial Tracking in American Criminal Justice

How Can I Get These Books?

  • For books the SMC Library has as e-books: click on the book cover above and then click "Read this ebook"
  • For books the SMC Library has as print books: Click on the book cover above to view the book's record in the catalog, click Request at the top of the page, and enter your information. When you get an email that the book is ready, come to the Library during open hours or use SMC Library Pickup to schedule an appointment for no-contact pickup.
  • Your public library probably has ebooks available for download and may have curbside pickup available for print books. Check your local public library's website or ask us if you need help.
  • Buy a print copy from a black-owned bookstore. Marcus Books in Oakland has made online ordering available from And here are other black-owned bookstores that let you shop online.

Additional eBooks from SMC Library

Go deeper with scholarly books on racism in the U.S., whiteness, and privilege.

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