History Day

Library Day@SMC for NHD students

Getting Started

The NHD theme for 2021/2022: Debate & Diplomacy in History

Saint Mary's College Library is open to the public in the Fall of 2021, but is not expected to have the middle school visits due to health concerns.  I am sorry to not be able to meet with your classes, but will happily chat with anyone that would like to have some help for their project.  Send me an email to sbirkens@stmarys-ca.edu.

If you do not already have one, get your free public library card as soon as possible.  Having a library card allows you to get to online sources for your topic. Even during the pandemic, you can check out print books as well-- you find them, request them, and then do curbside pickup to get them, if you are not allowed in the physical library.  Check on your public library's website for more information.

Contra Costa County "Get a Library Card"

The Contra Costa Public Library has online reference sources, such as Britannica, and access to secondary magazine and journal articles in Explora.

They also have access to primary sources, specifically Archives Unbound, as well as access to the New York Times.

If you have a library card, this also gives you entry to Link+ which is a library consortium where you can order books from other libraries which are then delivered to your local library.  Click into the library's website to search its collection and to possibly branch out to find books from Link+.

In addition, the State of California has allowed all K-12 schools and students to have access to additional online databases.  If your school does not already access them, you can access them yourself.  Please check the website for further information.  

And finally, the National History Day website offers help to you:  Student Resources set up to get you going on your project, as well as Saint Mary's College's own National History Day information, put together by the History Department.

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