Lasallian Studies

Life of St. Jean Baptist de la Salle

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Salm, Luke, FSC. The Work is Yours: The Life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

  • Print: LAS 4.2 Salm e.1989 (Lasallian Collection) and 225.78092 L330s (2nd floor)

Calcutt, Alfred, FSC. De La Salle : a city saint and the liberation of the poor through education.

  • PDF
  • Print:  LAS 5.1 Calcutt (Lasallian Collection) and 255.78092 L330c (2nd floor)

Bannon, Edwin. De La Salle: A Founder as Pilgrim: A Reading of the Life of the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

  • Print:  LAS 4.2 Bannon e.1988 (Lasallian Collection) and 255.78092 L330be (2nd floor)

Valladolid, J.M. Lasallian Chronology (Lasalliana #31) Timeline of documented events in the life of De La Salle

  • PDF
  • Print: LAS 1.4 Lasalliana (Lasallian Collection)

Salm, Luke, FSC. John Baptist de La Salle: The Formative Years.

  • Print LAS 1.7 Early v.1 ((Lasallian Collection) and 255.78092 L330sf (2nd floor)

Maillefer, Francois-Elie. John Baptist de La Salle: Two Early Biographies.

  • Print: LAS 4.1 Maillefer e.1996 (Lasallian Collection) and 255.78092 L330m (2nd floor)

Blain, Jean Baptiste. The Life of John Baptist De La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

  • Print: LAS 1.7 Bio (Lasallian Collection) and 255.78092 L330bj (2nd floor)

Battersby, William John. St. John Baptist de La Salle.

  • Print: LAS 4.2 Battersby e.1965 (Lasallian Collection) and 255.78092 L330b (2nd floor)

In the Footsteps of De La Salle:
Interactive maps & timeline, with videos featuring Brother Gerard Rummery, FSC.

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