SMC Scholar Profiles


SMC Scholar Profiles

The Scholar Profile System is a centralized and searchable research information management system that showcases and organizes faculty professional experience, scholarship, teaching, and service on individual profile pages. Like the Faculty Directory, these pages could include contact information and links to personal or departmental web pages for easy communication, they could also house all types of scholarly communication, i.e. research focuses and publications, degrees, and honors and grants, and presentations. Scholar Profiles provide worldwide discoverability for scholarly and creative work of SMC scholars, as well as increase visibility and scholarly engagement among researchers in the relevant field and industry.

Research Impact and Scholar Profiles 

SMC Scholar Profiles creates a new awareness of your research impact and help strengthen a case for promotion and tenure, manage your scholarly reputation, return on research investment i.e., grants, grant renewals and reporting, creates the ability to identify who is using your or downloading your work and insure it is properly used under Creative Commons guidelines and can assist with collaborations with partners for future research or publishing projects.

Accessing Scholar Profiles

Faculty Directory and Scholar Profiles

Access your Scholar Profile via your Faculty Directory. EXAMPLE

Faculty Directory contains streamlined information such as: name, department, office location, phone number, class schedule, and link to Scholar Profiles, where professional experience, education, service, honors, awards, grants, and scholarship are maintained by the Library and subject librarians.

Faculty members have editing access to scholar profiles. Editing access of Faculty Directory is through school/departmental web managers or use "request edit" function on page.

Scholar Profiles and Digital Commons

Scholar Profiles and Digital Commons

Scholar Profiles and Digital Commons are both cloud-based platforms to showcase the scholarship and creative work of scholars at Saint Mary's College of California.

  • Scholarly Profiles focuses on bringing together the work of scholars into personal profile pages.

  • Digital Commons focuses on bringing together the output of an entire institution.

  • Both Scholar Profiles and Digital Commons are configured in a way that makes it possible to share documents and metadata between platforms.

See: Saint Mary's Digital Commons

Measuring Impact

Digital Commons and Scholar Profiles can measure impact. It can provide article- level, author-level, journal or publisher Metrics. There are numerous existing and emerging tools available to help you track your scholarly impact by enabling you to create a virtual scholarly profile in which you input and keep track of all your professional activities and publications.

See also: Research Impact Library Guide

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