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A guide specifically for the recommended research resources for doctoral candidates in the Executive DBA program. Also useful for other courses with traditionally academic research assignments.


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Hello EDBA candidates! This page was created for you to focus on the more scholarly research resources and skills you will be using in your doctoral program. The page will grow and expand.

Take a look around and, as always, I am available for consultation. Simply send me email or "Schedule an Appointment" via the link in the profile window to book time to chat in person, via the phone, or in a Zoom meeting. 


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If you are just starting your research, I always recommend that you the Library Search box or specific databases first. See this video for the pros and cons of Google Scholar in your research.

You can also authenticate your browser to get around paywalls with SMC subscription. See these instructions for how to do that.

See other ways to make the most of Google Scholar as one of your research tools.

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