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Search tips

SMC Library has a comprehensive collection of print and electronic books. You can limit your searching to ebooks and can read the book right away! Just go to our Library Catalog (also called Albert) from the main library page by clicking on the Library Catalog link under the main search box, or use the search box below.

Search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, Call # or ISBN/ISSN. Once you see the search results, you can limit the searching to Ebooks by clicking on the dropdown called "View Entire Collection" and limiting to Books (Ebooks only). Once you find the book or books to your liking, click on the title of the book and click "Read this Ebook" to start reading.

screen shot of limiting to ebooks

Multisearch: How to find eBooks

Once you have logged in to Multisearch and used keywords to find sources, use the limiters on the left-hand side of the page to limit your results to 'books and ebook': 

The 'Limit to' options which the "Books and eBooks" underlined 

How to Access eBooks

Multisearch tells you when the item you're looking at is an ebook by the icon or word to the left of the title: 

under the title, the icon has the word 'eBook'

Depending on who published the eBook, there are a few ways to access the full text. After you click on the title you may see the full text in the upper left-hand corner: 

there are three options, and the arrows points to the 'Check for the Full Text' button

Other eBooks will have you scroll all the way down to where the eBook "call number" is, and click on "Read This eBook" link: 

the arrow points to the 'Online Access' section where the link says "Read the Ebook"

If you run into an issue or are not sure what to do - please Ask Us! The easiest way would be to copy the Permalink on the right-hand side of the Multisearch page and then click on the "Ask Us" icon to chat or email us. Let us know you're having trouble finding the full text of an ebook and share the permalink:

The chat box is in the upper right hand corner and says "Ask Us!' - the Permalink button is at the bottom of the "Tools" list


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