Remote Library Resources for SMC

How to Access Databases From Off-Campus

SMC Databases are available from the library homepage when you click on the Databases icon under Find: 

The library homepage shows four columns with an arrow pointing to the third column showing where the Databases link is









Then, use the 'Subject Dropdown' to see all the databases that are specific to your topic: 

The A-Z Databases page has three drop downs, a red arrow draws attention to the first drop down

When you click on the title of the database you would like to use, the database will automatically send you to an SMC log in page and, once you log in, will transfer you to the database! 

Library Remote Database Access has to log in options. A red arrow points to the 'Student, Faculty, and Staff  Login' and shows where to click on the red button that says "Log in with My SMC"

Finding Electronic Journals

Search tips

SMC library subscribes to thousands of journals. Using our Journal Finder, you can search for journals using title, subject or ISSN. You can use the Journals Finder or Browzine, an easy to use tool, to find online journals.

Journals and Periodicals Finder

Google Scholar

Google Scholar partners with SMC Library to bring you the full text of articles. If you search Google Scholar without connecting it to SMC first, you'll see results but you may not have access to the full text of the articles you're looking at. Google Scholar is the only database that works this way. To make sure that Google Scholar is connected to SMC Library you can: 

1. Access Google Scholar from the Databases list on the library homepage - this will let Google Scholar know that you are affiliated with SMC and it will ask you to log in when you want to see the full text of an article.

2. Connect Google Scholar to SMC Library on your own!

  • Select the hamburger or sandwich icon from the Google Scholar Homepage: Google Scholar homepage with a red arrow pointing out the drop down in the upper left hand corner 
  • Then click on "settings":

 Drop down expands to show multiple options. The red arrow points out the last option "Settings"

  • Then, click on "Library Links":

 Under the Settings, the red arrow points out the middle option "Library Links"

  • From here, you'll be able to see if SMC is selected. If not, search "Saint Mary's College of California" and select it: 

Under 'Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries)' a red arrow points out a check next to 'Saint Mary's College - Full Text @ SMC Library'

Now Google Scholar is connected to Saint Mary's College library and you will see the "Full Text at SMC Library" link if the item is available through Google Scholar

Two resources with full text, one has a red arrow pointing to the 'Full Text @ SMC Library' option

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