Remote Library Resources for SMC

How to Access Online Textbooks

There are two ways to get to course readings or electronic textbooks: through the SMC library website, and through your Moodle course pages. 

Online Textbooks and Course Reserves, like book chapters or articles, can be accessed online from anywhere. 

  • Starting at the library homepage, click on "Course Reserves" 

A red arrow points out the "course reserves" link on the library homepage

  • Search for your class by entering the first three letters of your course and the three digits of your course number (ex. Seminar 103 becomes SEM 103) or use the second tab to enter your instructor's name 

the course reserves search box

  • You may see a list of textbooks that are available at the library in print. Directly above this list is a link, click on "Electronic Reserves Items" 

The link to the 'Electronic Reserves Items' is at the top of the Materials at the Library list

  • You'll see a log in page. The password is the six letters and numbers directly after the 'E-Reserves:'

The E-reserves page has a log in page

  • Select the title of the reserve you would like to read and click on the available file type. These reserves can be read online or downloaded. 

The title of the reading is the hyperlink

Moodle instructions

Online Textbooks and Course Reserves, like book chapters or articles, can be accessed online from anywhere through your MOODLE COURSE PAGE.

1) Starting mystmarys portal, click on "MOODLE" then search for your course page

2) Accessing readings or electronic textbooks from your Moodle page:

  1. Logon to Moodle
  2. Look up your class
  3. Look for the link for Eres/Electronic Reserves or Textbooks
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