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Info and suggested readings for the Intercultural Center and the Library's "Fac Chats" series

Talk Description

Photo of Alicia RusojaFather Michael OlawuniOn February 19, Dr. Liz Abrams, Assistant Professor in the Counseling Department, and Father Michael Olawuni, a graduate counseling student, will chat about "It's not just U.S.!: Decolonizing Transnational "border crossings" in Psychology and Relationships."

Dr. Abrams and Fr. Michael began working together over the past year on issues related to decolonizing psychology and collaborating on what it means to "cross borders" effectively and in ways that disrupt the colonial legacy of Global North - Global South relationships. Today they will lead us in an interactive program that explores and analyzes these issues, and together we will collaborate on finding a "better way forward" in our relationships across "borders." 

Suggested Resources

Liz Abrams and Father Michael Olawuni's suggested resources:

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