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Calvin Monroe's research seeks to understand the unique benefits that Black faculty bring to Black students. Research indicates that despite cultural academic programming, in general, Black students still do not graduate or transfer as much as other ethnicities. Instead of focusing on programming, Calvin contends that a heightened sense of belonging on campus can be a direct contributor to Black student success. To determine how to increase their sense of belonging, this research interviewed 12 Black faculty members to understand their cultural contributions to Black student success. Calvin hopes that by presenting their insights, teaching philosophy, and cultural pedagogy, institutions will hire more Black faculty for the success of their Black student populations. 


As a native from California, Calvin Monroe earned his A.A. degree through the California Community College System.  After gaining academic momentum, he then transferred to Morehouse College in Atlanta, to earn his B.A. in African American Studies. After joining Teach for America and teaching 6th and 7th grade English, Calvin realized his passion aligned more with teaching in higher education, and he then enrolled at Georgia State University, earning his M.A. in African American Studies. 


Calvin began working at Saint Mary’s College in 2017 as a Success Coach. In addition to this role, Calvin also teaches Collegiate Seminar as well as the “Black Lives Matter” JanTerm class. He has also taught “Introduction to African American Studies” at Laney College and Berkeley City College. He is currently enrolled in Saint Mary’s College’s Doctor of Education program and is scheduled to graduate this May! 

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