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Info and suggested readings for the Intercultural Center and the Library's "Fac Chats" series

April 12, 2024: Margot Hanson and Kitty Luce

Join us at the Intercultural Center for the Spring Fac Chat on Friday, April 12th at 11am. 

The chat will be facilitated by librarians Margot Hanson and Kitty Luce. During the workshop, we will discuss the current state of the published conversation on joy and well-being in workplaces, specifically considering how workers’ identities affect their workplace experiences. We will consider the distinction between top-down and collaborative approaches to well-being in the workplace in order to identify sources of agency available to all of us.

Joy in the Workplace Google Slides - slides shared from April 12th event. 

Presenter Bios

Margot Hanson has been the Science Librarian at Saint Mary’s College since January 2022. Before Saint Mary’s, she was a librarian at Cal Maritime (with Kitty!), Golden Gate University in San Francisco, and the University of Hawaii - West Oahu. Her research interests include online comment culture, scholarly communication and communities of practice, making and crafting in libraries. She finds joy in making personal connections with students, knitting, swimming, riding her motorcycle, and hosting weekly Crafternoons.

Kitty Luce is the instruction and web services librarian at Cal Maritime. She has worked in academic libraries since receiving her masters in library and information science from SJSU in 2010. Her research interests include the scholarship of teaching and learning, focusing on social and embodied aspects of information literacy, and libraries as workplaces. She finds joy by removing barriers for students, dancing, and breathing air outdoors. 

Research for Joy in the Workplace

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Please also view the Zotero shared library with many more resources: https://www.zotero.org/groups/4984466/joy_in_the_academic_library_workplace/library

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