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More information on global business in general is available on the Global Business Research Guide.

In particular the Country Facts and Background Information section has very valuable country demographics and market volatility information useful in marketing research.

International Consumer / Market Data


Helpful hints for Passport:

1. Start on the main screen with "Country Reports: Datagraphics" (see image below)

2. "Search Statistics" is the most basic data tool (though still pretty advanced). Start with your industry and segments, and data fro all countries will display. You can refine and limit from there. Note: each colorful icon next to the country name is a link to more specific information.

3. "Analytics in Action" is a very rich tool. It is very advanced, but a goldmine of comparative data if you are patient and willing to explore.


screen shot of the "Country Reports" area of Passport

Global Trends

Some tools available on the Web can help discover new trends and topics. This is a very new concept, and also something very valuable and often requiring payment. But the following two free tools may be useful to explore.


Also, check the resources on this page for articles and more about social and cultural issues. For instance, search for articles about [consumer trends and China], [luxury goods and Nigeria], or [diet and Israel].

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